About Our Business

A Little About Us...


We are a Social Media Management company based in Northern Virginia, USA. We are here to help your small business get the engagement it needs from your customers. What good it is to have Social Media account and cannot post and write article to keep your clients come for more and stay connected with you?

This is where we “Trending Social Media” can help. We will take the whole creating contents, posting on time where your customers are online, and more from your hands so you can do what you do best “Grow Your Business”


The Benefit of us working for you is endless…

If social media looks good, it is good! Your customers complain way less, you don’t compete with anyone and best yet, your 90% profit product lasts practically forever. No more feeling guilty or embarrassed that you are not doing your own social media as a small Business Owner!


Creating social media posts can be extremely time consuming.  We have created some processes that allow you to see what other companies like yours are publishing to give you some great ideas.

Content Categories

Ok, so you have curated and written a bunch of content for next month. How do you keep them organized?  No worries, each piece of content is categorized automatically as you find or create it.  You can keep track of how many items have already been posted and how many new ones you have created for the month.  Once you have the right number of items to publish…you can send them off for a quick approval before publishing.

Content Approval

Whether you are the business owner or social media manager for your company, you often need to get an “approval” from someone else before you can publish the content.  This can be very difficult to write, package it up to send to this person, then have them request changes and updates, then you have to get it back into the system to publish.  FORGET ABOUT THAT! We manage that for you.

AI Powered Calendar

Knowing when and which channels to publish your content on can be daunting and extremely time consuming.  No More! We got that cover for you. With our AI powered calendar post, we will drip your content at the right time, best time of the day, and when your customers are more likely to engage.

So what you do think! Give us a spin with a LOW Price TRIAL and see how we do!

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